Microwave Convection Ovens – Double Benefits

Microwave Convection Ovens – Double Benefits

Microwave convection ovens have both microwave and convection facilities. Microwave ovens cook the food with amazing speed by heating the food only and nothing else. The convection facility provides fans and a certain ‘airflow’ circulation that cooks the food by using much less electricity. The microwave convection ovens bake, broil, cook, re-thermalize and warm the food effectively. Thus the microwave convection ovens are the best ovens available in the market that provides the users with delicious, tasty and fast cooked foods.
Special Features of Microwave Convection Ovens
The microwave convection oven is a wonderful creation. It provides the couple advantages of microwave and convection methods. There are some other features too that make this oven so special.
Baking [convection] features – During baking, a heating element raises the temperature inside the oven. So, it can operate temperatures from 225- 450°F. The fan circulates the hot air throughout the oven, over the food and produces brown exteriors and moist interiors.
Fast baking features – This ‘fast bake’ feature is a cross between convection baking and microwaving.
Advantages of Microwave Convection Ovens
The microwave convection oven can roast, brown and crisp food as well as cook food quickly. It provides the user additional advantage of cooking, heating of microwaves and baking, broiling of convection ovens.
Following are some of the other advantages of microwave convection oven:
There are heating and cooling switches, which heat and cool the food perfectly.
The nutrients are preserved and the actual taste of the food also remains same.
A minimum quantity of oil is required for cooking any type of dishes. This is good for health.
The oven operates at much lower temperature and leads to 20% decrease in cooking time compared to other ovens.
Microwave Convection Ovens – Precautions
While you are cooking in the microwave convection oven you should follow certain rules, which are as follows:
Avoid metal cookware or foil that can cause arcing inside the oven.
Closely regulate the cooking to reduce over cooking.
Use a damp cloth to wipe off the food before it gets baked and stuck to the oven walls.
If you still don’t have the microwave convection oven, then hurry up and get yourself this oven to provide wonderful dishes to your family and friends.

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