Deck Lighting Plan

Deck Lighting Plan

Decks are commonly used at nighttime than on daytime. While some decks are very much functional at daytime, other decks are not fit and safe for night activities and gatherings. That is why it is important that decks should be properly lighted and illuminated. What is important for decks is that there should be enough light for task lighting but should not be overdone.

You should choose a focal point on your deck, and a good rule of thumb is to have not more than two. An ideal focal point may be the landscape, a large tree or a front walk. Then you can combine the different lighting techniques to get your desired lighting effect.

Glare should be avoided in deck lighting. Using indirect light or the lighting installation for that matter will make your lighting look more professional. If possible, conceal the light source as what you want is the effect of the light to be seen and not the source.

For creativity, you may make use of color filters to have more control on the mood you are setting up. Colored lenses are available for you to choose from. Also, silicon-colored bulb sleeves are available to change the color of your lights to your preference.

Try to match the design style you currently have in your deck area. You can use deck lighting fixtures of either contemporary style or that ageless traditional style. Also, with plants on your deck use the moon lighting technique. This will give soft illumination. The use of auxiliary lights on outdoor trees or shrubs may also be done.

Deck lighting system makes use of path lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor pendant lights, and many more. Stair lights are a good way to guide you and your guests safely upstairs. Having lighting of unobtrusive installation type, stairs will definitely look classy. Specific places, where there are hazards like level changes and steps, should be properly lighted and visible.

Always remember that deck lighting need not be of high wattage as it is only lighting for accent. The overall effect of your deck lighting should not be overbearing. You want the lighting to impress a mood of tranquility, but at the same time a mood of warmness. The deck lighting should entice you to fully enjoy the night with your friends and family.