Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed Lighting Fixtures have a variety of applications. These may be used for lighting art decors or any home decors. These may be used for task lighting as well whether it be in the office, living room, bedroom or kitchen. These may even be used for decorative lighting outdoors. Their applicability varies and product lines serving specific purposes have become available.

A wide selection of recess lighting fixtures can be chosen for any function intended. Recessed lighting can also be used to highlight furniture or to any item you wished to be illuminated. These may be used above tubs and whirlpools.

As a background, recessed lighting fixtures are composed of three main parts: the trim, the housing and the lamp. The housing is the main part of the recessed light assembly and is installed early on. The recessed lighting bulbs are cone shaped and often coated with a reflective material to control the direction of light downwards. Then the trim is the part that we see. The most popular has highly polished interiors that can maximize the reflection of the light.

Manufacturers for these types of lights offer flexibility in combining any type of trims, housings and lamps. Versatility has made these recessed lighting fixtures popular in their application in any lighting design.

For the recessed lighting trims, it may come in the form of reflectors that offer high light production generally used for overall illumination. Open trims are useful in creating a finished look, and are basically economical. The baffles minimize glares because it narrows the light beams. Diffuser trims produce a softer beam and are commonly used in bathrooms. Then we have the adjustable and directional trims, which are very much useful in emphasizing artworks.

Recessed housings may come in incandescent and halogen types in which dimmer controls or switches are available. Fluorescent recessed housings are ideal for hard-to-reach ceiling areas. A remodeling recessed housing can be the answer to finished ceiling installation problems.

Recessed Lighting bulbs may be under the incandescent category, halogen or compact fluorescent. The incandescent bulbs come in various sizes and applicable to a wide variety of uses. Halogen bulbs are more appropriate and often used to light artworks.

Popularized during the 50’s and 60’s, recessed lighting has maintained its strong presence to many lighting applications. Often describes as stylish and sleek, incorporating these in your lighting designs will give you the alternative lighting schemes you may just be looking for.

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