Tips For Buying A Bathroom Vanity

´╗┐Tips For Buying A Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is the only major piece of furniture you have in your bathroom. Whether you are building a new home and looking for that perfect vanity or replacing an old one, it is important to choose well. Your bathroom vanity will make a big difference in how your bathroom looks, and you will live with it for many years.

When choosing the parts for a bathroom vanity, you will find you have many options. Styles can be traditional or contemporary. There is a variey of wood available. You can purchase all-in-one vanities or look at each piece separately.

When picking out countertops, choose something durable. If you plan to place a hot hair dryer on the surface on occasion, make sure it is heat resistant. Most will work with hot air appliances, but some materials stain from the heat easier than others.

The sink should be durable. Materials for the sink present somewhat of a trade-off. While materials such as stone are unlikely to crack or chip, they stain easier than some materials and repair presents a problem. Porcelain, though it cracks and chips more easily, is commonly used. Porcelain is cheaper to purchase and easy to repair.

Cabinetry should be big enough to store whatever you need to store, but small enough so that it doesn’t take up the entire bathroom. Materials should be easy to clean and not affected by moisture.

You’ll want some sort of mirror above the sink. In addition to being functional, mirrors add elegance. Some people like to add even more functionality by adding a mirrored medicine chest.

Lighting is important to your bathroom. You don’t want blazing, harsh light, but you do need enough to illuminate the room comfortably. You can find fixtures with lights in almost any multiple you wish. Some are softer, some less soft. The size and color of your room will help to determine what is right for you. A light on top of the mirror will give you good illumination, while lights on the side reduce shadows on your face.

Your bathroom vanity will be the centerpiece of your bathroom. You want one that is functional, yet adds personality to the room. Thanks to the wide variety of bathroom vanities available, you should be able to purchase a durable bathroom vanity that also suits your sense of style.