Englander Mattress

Englander Mattress

Are you familiar with the name “Englander”? Oops! The name has nothing to do with England or the people from England. What I am talking about here is a mattress company that has been designing and manufacturing mattresses and other bedding products for the bedding industry.

Englander has long been considered as one of the leading producers of high quality mattresses in the United States of America. The company has actually been designing and manufacturing mattress for more than a hundred years now, tracing its roots back to 1894 when the company was founded. It is worth noting that during that time, Englander only has a simple mattress system that was designed to meet the demands of a growing number of consumers desiring for more comfy and blissful night’s sleep. From its humble beginnings, Englander has successfully developed into a big company and it has attained the reputation that it is holding right now – the industry leader not only in mattress design, but also in technology.

The Englander mattresses come in a number of categories. There are actually three well-known categories in the latest collection of the company’s mattresses. One of the most preferred is the Synergy.

The Synergy is basically a collection of Englander mattresses that is valued particularly for its ability to adapt completely to the body’s contour. The Englander mattress models included in this category are all designed and built with the high performance seven zoned elastic memory foam that provides a slow but sure shift in firmness. The memory foam is combined with a hundred percent latex for superior support. Note that it is also this brilliant combination that allows the Synergy collection of Englander mattresses to be capable of providing the sleeping comfort that is beyond compare.

The second popular collection of Englander mattresses is known as the Nature’s Finest. It is interesting to know that all of the mattress models that fall under this category are made of a hundred percent latex. They are built with a superior support, and conform greatly to the body. On your initial use, you may find the mattress pushing you back, but it supports naturally your every curve. It reduces the degree of tossing and tuning, and is more elastic than the traditional mattress forms. And since they are built with latex content, it’s no wonder that Nature’s Finest line of Englander mattresses are inherently healthy and hypoallergenic.

Lastly, there is the Tension Ease collection line which is but designed with a unique zoning of the patented coil system. This designed basically to provide additional support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep. Yes, just the like the rest of the Englander mattress, the Tension Ease collection is built with great attention to details particularly on the proper back and lumbar support in natural alignment.

All of the Englander mattresses are now valued for its great quality and style. All of the models even boast a body mapping technology that creates the choices of firmness in all of the available premium product lines of Englander, such as those mentioned above.

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